Connected. Concierge.

Everyday we are surrounded by local commerce and brands, and Bybr cares about connecting people to their choice and desire.
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The key that opens all front doors wherever you are

Opening up local opportunities, bringing our favorite commerce and brands online, and providing us all with access to each other. 
Connecting customers to services in a personal way.
Like a concierge.


The connection between consumers and businesses is what Bybr cares about, and our solutions enables this personal engagement.


Global brands surrounds us, and local experiences also matter. Bybr provides the best of global for the local, and vice-versa.


Our products connect the unconnected, powered by cutting-edge technologies for businesses & consumers.

Connected benefits

We provide direct access to official channels, help unify all commercial touchpoints, and allow creation of personal offerings.

As a result, we evolve the way local commerce and brands can meet customer expectations.
Our smart technology leverages the cross-section between offline and online experiences, and provides you with a personal concierge in your pocket.

In your pocket

Find instantly your way to what you want, Bybr serves like a concierge when you need it.
 This is truly on-demand.

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Get instant access to trusted information only, and connect with your surroundings.
Bybr for Business

For businesses

Bybr offers businesses with a free of charge instant mobile app to unify their channels & touchpoints, in order to serve consumers better with a localized experience and personal offerings.
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For consumers

Bybr is the concierge service that connects seamlessly people, at their terms, to brands and local commerce, leading to meaningful connections and offerings.

Localized. Connected. Concierge.

Available for Android, IOS and browsers
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