Connected. Concierge.

Bybr for consumers is here to help you get connected to what you desire. Boost your interaction with the brands and local commerce you love, by downloading the app and get connected!
Available for Android, IOS and browsers
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Bybr cares about connecting you to your preferences, whether they are brands or local commerce, and ensures you are in safe hands with providing trusted sources only to meet your desire.

Your trusted concierge

Our 1Scan to connect solution lets you interact with a brand or business in a simple and seamless manner.

Our universal scanner is able to grab all sorts of signs: logos, barcodes & QR codes...

Universal scanner

Time is precious and Bybr knows you are on the move, so keep your interests close and start your own little black book of local heroes and brand connections to revisit whenever you prefer, online and offline.

Grab & Go!

Personal offerings

Bybr allows you to be personally addressed by the brands & businesses you like best, by enabling them to make you tailor-made offerings based on your preferences and at your terms.

Smart connections made easy, like a concierge would

Bybr has changed the way people are able to find, connect and interact with brands and businesses.

We provide a simple scan & connect solution, which enables you to gather all information you desire in one place, unified for all brands & commerce present in the Bybr platform.

Bybr gives you actionable access to all official information, social media & platforms, online & personal offerings, and official contact points such as customer service & messaging.

Bybr provides clear directions to what matters most to you, like a concierge would.

The Bybr way of connecting

In times where global commerce is driven more dominantly by online access to everything you desire, Bybr stands up for the local experience and your personal preferences.

Bybr means inclusivity, and helps you to get connected to those brands and businesses that matter to you.

Seamless experience
Scan a logo, a brand name or a QR-code/barcode with your smartphone, and connect immediately with your interest. Revisit the scan whenever you like.
Single source of local truth
No matter the brand or business geographic presence, Bybr provides local channels and verified content based on our smart technology, and tailored to your needs.
Enjoy the benefits
Get in-app notifications about the brands and businesses you follow and care about, including personal offerings such as discounts or experience benefits.

Download. Scan. Connect.

Available for Android, IOS and browsers
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