The people behind Bybr


Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and CTO
We at Bybr see ourselves as connectors to all things frictionless, equalizers for businesses and neutralizers of customer compromises.
Few years ago, we discovered that businesses and consumers were held back by barriers of friction and disconnection, and we decided this was unacceptable.
We create technology that broke consumer compromises and give businesses a bridge to more meaningful customer relationships.
The time has come to show the world that personalized experience is what matters most.
Each day you will find ourselves up against the enemy of friction which frustrates businesses and consumers.

We connect the unconnected

Everybody at Bybr starts its day with a "Hello" to everyone.

We believe in kindness, sense of belonging and pleasure at work.
We encourage risk-taking, thinking different and trying new stuff.
We hate buzzwords, selfishness and lack of humility.

We care about each other


What we accomplished

The best is yet to come

Coming soon
Bybr app V2

We are preparing the new version of our customer-first ai personal assistant. Introducing a new feature for a better Customer Scan experience.

July 2021
Bybr for Business

To remove every friction for Businesses, Bybr released the first version of its Bybr for Business platform, able to publish an instant mobile app as a Connected Concierge for every Local Commerce and Brands.

January 2021
A new branding strategy

The new Bybr born after an inspiring collaboration between Emmanuel and Derrick Daye from the Blake Project in Los Angeles.

November 2020
Bpifrance Innov'up laureate

Bybr is laureate of the Innov'up program from the French public investment bank and obtains a grant in partnership with the Paris region to develop a New Generation of Internet Engine.

September 2020
Graph powered by Neo4j

Bybr joins the startup program of Neo4j -the leading Graph database- to support the develop of its Engine V2.

August 2020
340K€ for our Smart Vision

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and a jury of experts decided to grant Bybr with an Innovation loan to support its developments in Computer Vision applied to brands recognition at global scale.

June 2020
Bybr app V1

During the first global lockdown we still decided to not hold any longer our app. Bybr is published and even if the world was not in the mood... we never gave up.

November 2019
SBC Alumni

Bybr is selected along with 10 other start-ups and out of hundreds applicants to participate in the Startupbootcamp accelerator program in Amsterdam on the quest for product/market fit.

October 2019
+200,000 Brands globally

Our Engine V1 is operational, Bybr built its own information retrieval system and an innovative way to structure data... the first version of our Connect Engine is born.

June 2018
Our first working prototype

We are selected in France by HETIC -a higher education private institute of technology combining Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs- as a project holder entitled to a team of 6 students during 4 months and to develop our first working prototype.